Forward's Craft Cabin Linocut

St. Michael’s Mount – Lino print

Having borrowed a super etching press form my sister, Jenny – I decided to have a go at printing a 5 colour Lino cut which I made during the first lockdown, last year. This is a snapshot of the result.

Shaun The Copse 32 Project

The Copse 32 Project

I MUST be desperate for inspiration LOL – I have felt moved to create some artworks, in various forms, of a copse containing 32 trees – which lies a few hundred yards from my daytime workplace.

Glass painting & fusing

Night light jars

Jackie has been working on a number of different treatments for night light jars. The latest development is applying decorative patterned papers and waterproofing them.


Children’s books

During COVID-19 Lockdown, when separated from our family, we decided to start making simple story books for our grandchildren. They were fun to make – and the boys loved receiving them from the postman! Below is a short video of Jackie making, one of the books called, ‘No dinner, no yoghurt’…

Forward's Craft Cabin Painting

‘The lemon in front’

Shaun attempts still life! ‘The lemon in front’ is my first ever effort, and I actually find it quite pleasing. I had aimed for a much ‘looser’ feel, but am very happy with this – for my first effort.