Really pleased to have been accepted to join Broadstone Art Society (BAS) as a full member.

Having just missed the winter programme, which is held indoors, the Panel were kind enough to invite me along to their first plein air trip of this summer’s programme and conduct our official meeting over a pot of tea in Pamphill Dairy. All seemed to go very well, and it was left to the powers that be, to determine if I was successful. We then headed off to create art in and around Pamphill.

It was a perfect summer day, (following on from torrential winter weather, the previous day!). With an almost cloudless blue sky and a baking 21° celsius, we all set off to choose our preferred locations. I opted for the view up the gravel driveway towards the quaint St. Stephen’s church.

It was a very sociable outing, great to meet new like-minded folks – and it was great to see so many diverse styles in the group. My father, Ralph Forward, was a member of BAS during the 1970s and 80s – so it felt right for me to follow in his footsteps.

The following day, I received official confirmation that I had been successful and was accepted into the Society.